Inspiration · Namaste

Take a moment..


Commercials, advertisement, reality t.v., magazines, social media… It’s all around us. What is the message it is desperately trying to portray to the audience?

In realistically analizing its purpose it appears that they are selling the product in some shape or form. Whether it is the latest fashion trend, the newest and more improved vehicle, or the number or “likes” you get on Facebook. The sole purpose is that they are selling their product in hopes that it influences you to buy into it. Now.. I am not necessarily saying that this is a bad thing.

But, what I do want to bring to awareness is taking a step back to truly appreciate the things we already have. I’m sure some others can relate to what I am presenting. I can admit, I wanted to buy those really cute boots from the commercial ad, visit that new resturant on the block mentioned on the local radio, and buy that awesome piece of home decor from my favorite TV show. I can’t be the only one right?

I feel that because we are consumers of the products being advertised constantly, we always feel that we WANT the next best thing.

The message I want you to take away with today is to truly look at the things you have in your life currently. Maybe it’s not a product, maybe it’s your family or your health. Whatever it is, appreciate it. SLOW DOWN… REALIZE… APPRECIATE… then you will find true fulfillment and true happiness.



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